Motivating activities for primary

Engage your primary learners with songs, games, chants and vocabulary activities that will make learning memorable. Access this free course from 2 April 2024 - enrol now.

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How will the course help you?

Engage your primary learners with songs, games, chants and vocabulary activities that will make learning memorable.

What does the course include?

Motivating activities for primary is a self-study training course, which is divided into three hour modules. It also includes:

  • A dedicated Facebook community of course participants with up-to-date insight, resources and innovative ideas for you to try out.
  • Engaging discussions taking place in the Facebook community
  • Live events with your course tutor and language teaching experts.
  • A free workbook with extra learning content and resources.

What will you learn?

Module 1: Understanding vocabulary for primary

By the end of this module, you'll be able to:

-identify factors that make vocabulary more memorable
-employ strategies to make vocabulary more memorable
-give examples of how to adapt vocabulary activities to different age groups
-give examples of how to adapt vocabulary activities to different age groups
-use a variety of activities and materials to make vocabulary memorable.

Module 2 - Understanding games for primary

The aim of this module is to explore the advantages of using interactive games in the primary classroom. This module evaluates a range of games considering their purpose, suitability and related issues. The module also includes a focus on effective setting up and management of classroom games and you plan how to use and teach game suited to your learners’ needs.

Module 3 - Understanding songs, rhymes and chants for primary

The aim of this module is to demonstrate how songs, rhymes and chants can be used to create motivating lessons and enhance children’s learning. The module also looks at exploiting and adapting songs, rhymes and chants with different age groups. You'll have the opportunity to create accompanying actions and design a new activity.

By the end of this module you'll be able to:

-describe how songs, rhymes and chants can enhance children’s learning
-identify different techniques for adapting and exploiting songs, rhymes and chants in the classroom
-create actions to accompany a rhyme or chant
-demonstrate an activity which exploits a song, rhyme or chant.

When is the course?

The online modules will be open for self study from 2 April 2024. Enrol on this free course now.

How much does the course cost?

The course is free.

How can you get a certificate?

You will receive a certificate if you successfully complete all self-study modules.

What level of English do you need?

Minimum CEFR B1

How do you sign up for the course?

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Having problems accessing the course?

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What can you do now?

While you're waiting for the online modules to open, if you're interested in learning more about motivating activities for primary, you can:

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