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Take part in a variety of free training courses on our teacher development platform. Explore a range of topics, from assessing learners to planning a great lesson. Study at your own pace and join our Facebook community to share your learning with other teachers and get feedback and guidance from our experienced tutors.

Find out about all our courses running from April 2024 - March 2025 by downloading our training courses calendar.

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Safeguarding learners online

Make your classroom a safe space for online learning. Help your learners to feel confident, be successful and recognise when they may need help. Access this free course now – enrol until 24 July.

Building understanding through dialogue

Create positive relationships and effective communication in your classroom by exploring techniques to develop empathy, critical thinking and intercultural competence. Access this free course now – enrol until 24 July.

Helping teachers to learn

Find out about our free online course Helping teachers to learn for teacher educators and teachers considering becoming a teacher educator. Access this free course now – enrol until 23 November.

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Teaching English to refugees and displaced learners

Make your classroom a trauma-sensitive learning environment. Help your learners to shine by working creatively with limited resources and by managing challenging behaviour positively. Access this free course now – enrol until 23 September.

Gender in language education

Learn to recognise different kinds of gender bias and stereotypes, some of the barriers learners face in gender equality and equity, and how to help overcome them in your context. Access this free course now – enrol until 21 September.

TeachingEnglish: Inclusive classrooms

Make your classes inclusive learning spaces by identifying barriers that can affect learning and practical strategies to overcome them. Access this free course now – enrol until 21 September.

TeachingEnglish: Key digital skills

Develop beginner digital skills and learn how to use documents, worksheets, search, presentations and videoconferencing to enhance your teaching. Access Key digital skills from 6 August 2024 – enrol now.

Child and adult happily writing

TeachingEnglish: How to teach writing

Improve your learners' writing skills by exploring the sub-skills that make good writers and ways of developing them in the classroom. Access How to teach writing from 7 August 2024 – enrol now.

Understanding language systems

Develop your understanding of functional language and grammar and learn how to apply this knowledge to your teaching through reflection, analysis and effective presentation of use and form. Access Understanding language systems from 1 October 2024. Enrolment for this free course will open soon.

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Browse fascinating case studies, research papers, publications and books by researchers and ELT experts from around the world.

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