Thank you for the quiz.It helps a lot to discover more about ourselvesIt encouraged us to improve our workregards

I `m a mix of parrot and polar bear, a bautiful couple isn`t it?

I really enjoied the Quiz.
and was able to evaluate myself too. It was very interesting to know about the animals.........

Thanks for the fun quiz and activities. I am dolphin -people smart. I enjoyed it a lot. I almost agree with the result. Im gonna try recommended activities in my class.  

I am extremely surprised by the test 'what kind of trainer are you?' It has really given me what I am. I am extemely happy with the suggestions given. This actually made me sign up.

great quiz it really helps the teacher what's hh doing inhis class and rminds him of some important he may neglect . Thank you a lot

that's really funny .some of this activities might help me

I am a whale and I liked it and this actvity help to consentrate myselfThanks a lot.