Below is a profile of just some of the people who blog on the TeachingEnglish site. They have a range of experience of from teaching and teacher training to writing resource books, coursebooks, online course materials and more.

Amin Neghavati comes from Iran but currently lives and works in Malaysia where he is a Professional Development Centre trainer with the British Council. He has been in the world of ELT since 1999 and is an examiner, freelance teacher trainer and learning technologies workshop and conference presenter. He tweets @neghavati and shares his ideas on

Anthony Ash has been working in ELT since 2011. He has an MA in English Language and Linguistics and is currently working towards the DELTA. He is particularly interested in Pronunciation, Learner Autonomy and CPD. As part of his inters in CPD, he tweets under @ashowski and blogs at

Barry O’Leary has been teaching English for almost 13 years. He has taught in Ecuador, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, and now lives in Sevilla, Spain. He is DELTA qualified, has written a non-fiction travel book about his teaching experiences and writes a blog at

Beki Wilson has worked as an English teacher for over 18 years in Spain and has taught English, Art and Science in various different bilingual settings, including the British Council/MEC project. She now works as a full-time teacher trainer, both organising CPD courses for teachers, schools and universities all over Spain and collaborates with local educational authorities specialising in literacy in the preschool and primary stages.

Chrysa Papalazarou is an EFL teacher in a state primary school in Greece. She has previously worked as an adult educator with socially vulnerable groups. She holds a joint MA in Comparative Education & Human Rights (University of London-IOE/University of Athens). She is interested in the use of art as a means to develop students' creativity and critical thinking. Personal blog:

Darío Luis Banegas is a teacher, teacher educator, and curriculum developer with the Ministry of Educacion of Chubut, Argentina. He holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Warwick where he is still connected as an associate fellow. His main interests are CLIL, teenage learners, pre-service teacher education, and action research.

David Bunker has been in ELT for more than 15 years. He is an experienced teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. During his teaching career he has worked in Europe, North Africa and Asia. He tweets under @davidjslbunker and blogs at

Ehsan Taebi has been working as an EFL teacher, DoS, teacher trainer, and curriculum developer in Iran since 2005. He holds 3 Cambridge TKT certificates and the CELTA. He has also very recently become an ISLPR Accredited Tester. He is currently studying MA in Translation Studies and wishes to reconcile translation with teaching. He also speaks French. His main interests are creative pedagogy, teaching grammar, online tutoring, TBLT, teacher education, and multilingual translation.

Elly Setterfield is an EFL teacher, aspiring teacher trainer and materials writer currently based in the UK. She has been working with children and teenagers for the last twelve years and is passionate about inspiring, engaging and motivating young learners. She offers advice and mentoring to new teachers, tweeting @thebestticher and blogging at

Emmanuel Kontovas comes from Thessaloniki, Greece. He has graduated from the English Language & Literature Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2004 and has been teaching English since to a variety of age groups and needs. He has attended plenty of seminars and is a board member of the local teacher’s association.

Fatima Taha is an Egyptian teacher who has been an ESL teacher since 2009.She is currently teaching at Al-Azhar University English Training Centre. She takes special interest in experimental practices and extensive reading in both ELT and fictional work. She believes in the power of reflection and technology as she reflects on her ELT. Experimental practices and latest ELT methodologies in her blog:

JVL Narasimha Rao is an English teacher,  trainer,  and state resource person  for SCERTandAPOSS-AP..He is a national level English Text book writer for ICSC syllabus and blogs at and  blogs on TeachingEnglish. He teaches at ZPP High School, Gadilanka, East Godavari AP.He became the first Indian to be honoured by the British council for writing more blogs on the on line journal Teaching English and his name entered in Andhra and Bharat Book of records

Kirsten Colquhoun has been involved in the TEFL world since 2003. She has taught in kindergartens in China, summer camps in Thailand, the British Council in Qatar and language schools in the UK, Spain and South Africa. She survived the DELTA and also has a Master's in English and Applied Linguistics - both of which changed her life. She now writes materials and teacher training. She tweets @Kirsten_clq and blogs when she can

Kirsty Major is an online English teacher who works with adults, primarily those who want to improve their business English. Kirsty's native language is English, and she also speaks German. Kirsty's blog includes articles on teaching, tips on language learning, and information relevant to people who use English at work. She blogs at

Linda Ruas lives in London, teaching ESOL, training teachers on CELTA courses and running the Easier English wiki New Internationalist: Linda has DELTA and an MA and has taught in Brazil and Japan. She is now Joint Coordinator of the IATEFL Global Issues SIG and tweets under @EasierEnglish.

Loli Iglesias comes from the Basque Country and has been teaching English at Secondary level for 17 years. She is currently working as a teacher trainer for the Department of Education of the Basque Government. She develops seminars on Professional Development and CLIL. Her main interests are CLIL and ESL methodology. She blogs at

Madhu Tiwari has been in ELT for almost 15 years. She has been a teacher, teacher trainer and examiner and has worked with teacher educators in the UK and Australia. She is DELTA qualified and has MA in English literature. She is interested in teacher support programs and Action research.

Dr. Mangay Meharajan owns an English Educational Academy at Chennai, India. English for occupational purposes EOP and English for specific purposes are trained here. Her research founding in English Language teaching E-syllabus For Spoken English Promoters was nominated by the British Council and Cambridge English language assessment at ELTONS 2013.

Maria Theologidou has worked as an EFL teacher and translator/subtitler since 2004. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature and an MA in Audiovisual Translation. She's interested in promoting creativity in the classroom and has presented workshops in TESOL seminars in Thessaloniki and Athens, Greece. She also blogs at 

Nana Shengelaia is a senior teacher at a secondary school in Tbilisi, Georgia. She has gained a valuable classroom experience teaching from primary to high school grades. Being always thrilled with learning and teaching online she has been making her own educational blogs as well as using specialized sites.

Neil Millington is an English teacher in Japan, and he currently teaches at a University. He is also the founder of, a free online reading resource for teachers and learners. In addition, he is a Ph.D. candidate studying language learning motivation.

Nina Koptyug has a BA and Ph.D. in English Language & Literature. She is now retired and currently working as a freelance teacher trainer, author and consultant. She publishes lesson plans at and has published several national Russian publications, methodological articles and translations as well as several blog posts for TeachingEnglish.

Rachel Boyce currently lives and works in Italy, where she has been teaching English as a second language since 2005. Rachel is also a freelance writer specialising in education, she both plays and has taught classical violin and is currently learning to speak Russian. Her new blog about teaching English is on and she post daily bites of fun English language activities on

Raquel Gonzaga is a tech-savvy educator who is passionate about motivating students to go beyond their limits and trust their learning potential. She is an English teacher at Cultura Inglesa São Paulo- Brazil and also works as a columnist at where she writes about free apps for EFL students and the importance of tech literacy for teachers. 

Rebecca Wicker started her career in 2011 at the British Council in Sri Lanka before moving to Paris office and completing her MA in Applied Linguistics. She is currently Editorial Lead for a language assessment project in the UAE and is based in New York.

Sulabha Sidhaye is a freelance teacher of English. She has been training working people through their employers and individually to improve their English, as well as students in Business English in colleges and privately, and housewives and interested citizens in spoken and written English. She also scrutinizes theses, papers and books.

Tanya Rozanes Olevsky has been running LinguaCom language studio since 2007. She is passionate about inventing new approaches and developing lesson plans for a variety of students, including those with LDs. She holds a BA in Psychology and English (literature and language) and an MA in Special Education. She blogs at:

Tereza Lombardi has over 30 years of experience in teaching all levels and ages and in training teachers. Her present job as a teacher in an innovative bilingual school, raised her interest in developing research in bilingualism and teacher education. She has MA in Applied Linguistics and is CELTA qualified.