This short video explores the relationship between the writer, Charles Dickens, and the city he lived in.

Cover of a book with the title 'Dickens and London'

You can watch our short video, titled 'Dickens and London' below to help you learn more about Charles Dickens and his relationship with the UK's capital city.

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The video covers a variety of topics you can discuss with your class, including:

  • Dickens' relationship with members of the police

  • why London was a significant place for Dickens, in a positive and negative way

  • how Dickens represents London in his writing

  • how Dickens made London recognisable on the global stage.

You can use this video as a listening comprehension exercise with your learners and use the points raised to add to wider discussions about Dickens' work, including Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol.

See if you can identify Dickens' thoughts on London as a city within his body of work. Think about how London is represented in Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol; what language does he use to describe it?

Try exploring this further in your class by looking at extracts from Dickens' famous novels or asking your learners to write their own piece of text describing where they live in a positive and negative way in the style of Charles Dickens.

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