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Little Nell

Little Nell is a character from The Old Curiosity Shop

Uriah Heap

Uriah Heap is a character from David Copperfield.

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is the orphan in the novel of the same name - and one of Dickens' most famous creations.


Bill Sikes was very much a villain, from the novel Oliver Twist.


Nicholas Nickleby was Dickens' third novel - centred on the life of a young man supporting his family. 

Little Dorrit: Circumlocution Office

Has dealing with bureaucracy ever been a simple process? In this lesson students read Dickens' humorous account of officialdom then they prepare and perform mini-plays on the same topic.

Little Dorrit

This lesson for high intermediate level students and above illustrates the relevance of Dickens in today's economic climate. It involves vocabulary input followed by reading for gist and reading for detail. Students then do an information gap speaking activity.


Ebenezer Scrooge is the main character in A Christmas Carol, and perhaps Dickens' most famous creation.

A Christmas Carol

In this lesson students read an extract from 'A Christmas Carol' and examine the characters in the text. They then discuss the theme of festivals as preparation for a writing task on the same topic.

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