Here you can find a wide range of teaching tools to use in your secondary classroom. Motivate your learners with our badge builders or classroom posters, and enhance your teaching with our staffroom posters full of practical ideas and tips. Produced by young learner experts from around the world, our teaching tools are easy to use and aim to give your students the skills and confidence they need to enjoy learning English.

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Teaching reading

Need some help planning reading-related activities for your learners? Get some new ideas and inspiration in our Teaching reading poster!

Teaching pronunciation

Need some fresh ideas to help you teach pronunciation in the classroom? Download our Teaching pronunciation poster to get inspired by some new activities to improve your lessons and your students' learning experience!

Teaching listening

Our Teaching listening poster gives you lots of ideas for teaching listening in the classroom, including dictogloss, and using stories

Teaching grammar

Looking for some new ways to approach grammar? Our Teaching grammar poster gives you some ideas to take into the classroom.

Research and insight

Browse fascinating case studies, research papers, publications and books by researchers and ELT experts from around the world.

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