Teens classroom rules posters - Smart white

Download our Smart white classroom rules poster for your secondary classroom. Our posters are available in four colourful themes, all featuring the emoticon characters from our LearnEnglish Teens website.  

These posters are designed to be used on your classroom walls with teenage learners aged from 13 years old. This distinctive Smart white poster will appeal to teenage learners and comes with speech bubbles completed giving five key classroom rules:

  • Try to use English
  • Listen to your teacher
  • Participate in all activities
  • Respect your classmates
  • Arrive on time

Classroom activity

We also have a version of all our posters with blank speech bubbles for you to use with your class. Print out copies of these versions and give them to your students as a first class activity.

Ask them to work in pairs and fill in the blank speech bubbles with their own ideas about what they think the five golden classroom rules are. Put their completed posters around the classroom and ask everyone in the class to vote on the best five... or ten... or twenty!

Our posters are designed to help you in the classroom and remind your students about how to behave in class. All our themes are stylish, bright and colourful and your students will love them.

Download and print your own poster below.

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Submitted by alexgadd on Fri, 08/30/2019 - 05:44

They are all great, apart from the white one. The speech bubbles are so dark that you can't write in the them, when using the blank template.

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