Based on the works of Jackie Kay and Ron Butlin this kit looks at the Scottish city of Edinburgh. It differs from original BritLit kits in that there is no single narrative text to work through.

Instead, four initial poems with two connecting threads are explored and put into the context of the author’s home city. A further poem and a short story by Edinburgh author Ron Butlin are introduced as further reading activities, giving another view of Edinburgh.


This kit was written by Christina Smart, Csontos Erzsebet, Solyom Zsuzsa, Andrew Reid and Fitch O’Connell and coordinated by Christina Smart.

The Resource Kits. Much of the material provided is intended to be used with mixed ability classes and while the input from the materials is the same, the output from the students will vary considerably. Other materials are generally classed according to their degree of difficulty using the Council of Europe Framework now adopted by many European countries as benchmark criteria for language assessment ( The resource kits provide a never-ending source of material for the teacher inasmuch as teachers are asked to contribute their own experiences and ideas to the project; we would like to see the materials mutate and mature with use.

Based on the works of Jackie Kay and Ron Butlin

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