One bright spring morning Slog sees his dad across the square. Nothing unusual about that, you might think, unless you knew that Slog's dad had died some time before. So who, or what did Slog really see?

Slog's Dad is a story by the renowned British author David Almond and is the third of the BritLit kits produced by Russian teachers under the guidance of Alan Pulverness from NILE (Norwich Institute of Language Education). This BritLit kit is aimed at developing interest in and motivation for reading, based on creative exploration of the literary text.




Upper-Intermediate / B2+




  1. Pre-reading activities activate language and cultural knowledge necessary for understanding the story, as well leading into the genre of magical realism.
  2. While-reading activities are designed to encourage predicting and interpreting, which are crucial for building up motivation for reading.
  3. After-reading activities are focused on the style and themes of the story, which provides a good opportunity for the development of reading skills, as well as prompting imagination and creativity.


All the materials for this BritLit kit can be downloaded below

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