This kit is based on a story by Paul Jennings, the third of his stories subjected to the BritLit treatment. Like most of Jennings' tales it centres on a hapless school student who, in this case, tries to find an ingenious way to shake off the bully who has been tormenting him and, at the same time, keep his girlfriend.

His friendship with an eccentric inventor leads him into an unexpected adventure.

Like all BritLit kits, the materials offered here are not intended to be followed slavishly and teachers are expected to pick and choose the work they want their students to tackle either before reading the story, or after. However, we strongly advise teachers to tackle the pre-reading activities first and not to plunge headfirst into the story.

In this presentation, the story can be read as a complete text, or it can be tackled piecemeal through the process known as textual intervention, ands this method is offered in the section called 'Reading'. There is a departure from some earlier BritLit kits in that section headings are different and look more at the process of tackling reading than content.


By Paul Jennings



Submitted by kmoore on Mon, 12/16/2013 - 10:13


First of all, thanks very much for this great text and all the resources. Have I just missed the answers to the Phrasal Verb matching activity (in Word Work)? I haven't found the answers anywhere, and it'd be really useful to have them. Thanks for all your hard work!

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