This lesson looks at the theme of creativity and innovation. Access the face-to-face classroom and online teaching version of the materials. 


The lesson begins by looking at what is involved in being creative, trying to expand this beyond the usual areas of art or creative writing.

The students then do a reading activity where they match the headings to each section. They then identify the synonyms which will have enabled them to do this task and focus on the idea of avoiding repetition. They read the text again and discuss which ideas they personally find most useful.

The lesson finishes with a creativity task, followed up by a final discussion.


  • Encourage students to think about their own creativity and how they could develop it further
  • Expand students’ vocabulary and ability to avoid repetition using a range of synonyms
  • Provide reading and speaking practice around the topic of creativity and innovation


Teenagers and adults at CEF level B2


50-60 minutes


The lesson plan and student worksheets can be downloaded below in PDF format.

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To support teachers having to work online during the COVID-19 pandemic, this lesson has been adapted for teachers providing online classes. The lesson notes are specifically for online lessons and the class materials have been made available as a PowerPoint.

Included in the teachers' notes, there is guidance and advice for what teachers need to know and do before and at the beginning of an online class. Please read the lesson instructions carefully before using them. They are for guidance only, and designed to be used with the most common online platforms. You may need to adapt the lesson to the format and online platform you are working with.

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Submitted by Mocharellita1973 on Sun, 03/22/2020 - 05:45


As usual the activities that British Council presents are outstanding as well as the work and elaboration of the lesson plans and worksheets. These devoted teachers have worked really heartwarming. I feel so grateful because thanks to them we as teachers try to innovate and learn from you.

Thank you for your positive feedback Mocharellita1973 - we're glad you find the resources on the site useful!


TE Team

Submitted by Jason Jixun M… on Thu, 04/18/2019 - 12:50


In my minds, crossing the subjects and bringing similar descriptions into comparisons and contracts are truly the creativity and innovation. We need to cultivate this habit of students, not only in subjects, but also in thinking skills. Tasks or art works, with new ideas, are what we can assess as results - how fresh they look like... whether or not they can change regular things or normal ways... Finally, encouragement and confidence are what aims we need to bring.

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