This lesson plan for English language learners at CEFR B2 level looks at the key groups who took part in the Northern Ireland Peace Process. Students will practise their speaking skills through a role-play activity.

The 'Big Fish' sculpture in Belfast illuminated at night


In this multiple skills lesson, students will read about key groups who took part in the Northern Ireland Peace Process and identify key points to negotiate.They will learn some collocations connected to negotiating and some functional language for reaching a compromise. As a final activity, students will develop their speaking skills by taking part in a role play in which they have to resolve a conflict.

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From language to peace in Northern Ireland: The language of negotiation and compromise

Learning outcomes:

  • Develop an understanding of the wants and needs of different key groups in the Northern Ireland peace process while reading for detail
  • Use collocations related to negotiations and compromises
  • Use functional phrases to show active listening, make concessions and reach an agreement

Age and level:

13-17, Adults (B2+)


Approximately 60 minutes (more if including extension activities)


The materials can be downloaded below. 

  • Lesson plan
  • Student worksheet
  • Class presentation

Further information: 

If you would like to know more about the Northern Ireland Peace Process before you teach and to help inform your lesson, you can go here:

The resources in this series were developed by Sea Steele and Sarah Smith at eltonix


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