In this integrated skills lesson, students will work on the topic of climate change, particularly considering how it affects the lives of inhabitants of a low-lying island in the Pacific.


In this lesson for teenagers and adults, students will discuss the topic of climate change, use expressions to make predictions and write a summary, watch a short video and answer questions, then consider and discuss how climate change has affected where they live, and how it may affect where they live in the future.

The lesson has been designed to be used in classrooms with an internet connection and facilities for viewing video, and also classrooms without these facilities.


  • To develop integrated skills: listening and speaking and writing around the topic of climate change
  • To develop skills for predicting and summarising audiovisual content

Age group:

Teenagers and adult learners


CEFR B2 and above (the lesson could also be used with students who have a strong intermediate level)


Option A (watching the video in the classroom)

60-75 minutes

Option B (students watching the video at home)

15 - 20 minutes in first lesson

30 - 40 minutes homework

20 - 30 minutes in second lesson


The teacher's notes and student worksheets are available to download in PDF format below

Lesson plan153.63 KB
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