This lesson plan for teachers of adult students at level A2 explores resolutions on the topic of ‘New Year’.


In this lesson, students are introduced to and discuss the topic of New Year resolutions, while focusing on the form and use of ‘going to’ to express personal intentions.


New Year resolutions


A2 and above


60 minutes


  • To introduce and extend knowledge of ‘going to’ for personal intentions and give practice with the forms.
  • To give students an opportunity to discuss the topic of New Year resolutions and to express their own.


Lesson plan: download

Worksheet: download

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A key aspect of effective teaching is having a plan for what will happen in the classroom each day. Creating such a plan involves setting realistic goals,deciding how to incorporate course textbooks and other required materials and developing activities. Effective teaching depends on preparation. It has five parts: preparation,presentation,practice,evaluatoin,expansion. These all may take place in one class session or may extend over multiple sessions, depending on the nature of the topic and the activities. The time for activities should be no more 8-10 minutes each. Communication practice may run a little longer.

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