Use this lesson in face-to-face or online classrooms to explore the theme of well-being and teenagers. 


This lesson has been developed for use in face-to-face classrooms where physical distancing rules are in place, but can be used in any face-to-face teaching context. There is also a version of the lesson plan for use in remote teaching contexts.

Well-being refers to eating and sleeping well, exercise, giving time to things/people that make you feel happy and healthy. But when there’s a lot of time on our hands, like during a lockdown, it’s easy to abandon these important daily routines. In this lesson, students read advice about planning their days more effectively and ensuring they maintain their well-being. They follow up with an interview in pairs to discover what they can improve and discuss which tips would serve them best.


Students will:

  • increase awareness of ‘well-being’ and learn associated vocabulary
  • develop reading skills (reading for main ideas and for detail)
  • improve intonation in questions and practise them with a partner.

Age and level

Secondary students at CEFR level B1 and above


45–55 minutes


Teacher notes, student worksheets and class material are available to download below

Important - please read

  • This lesson has been created for teachers working in face-to-face classrooms where Covid-19 restrictions are in place, or for teachers who are delivering classes remotely.
  • There is guidance provided at the start of the face-to-face lesson plan, designed to provide suggested ideas for managing pair work and group work in a physically distanced classroom environment.
  • There is guidance provided at the start of the online lesson plan, designed to help teachers manage remote delivery of classes effectively.
  • These are general guides, and your situation may be different. You may need to adapt the lesson to the context you are working in. 

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