Theme: Computer games and their effects on young people
Lexical area: Computer language
Cross curricular links: Information technology, social studies, media studies

This lesson is about computer games. It gives students a chance to express their opinions about gaming. There are opportunities to personalise the lesson for your students by giving them the chance to design their own quiz and do a class survey to find out about the gaming habits of the class.
A reading text from the Trend UK website will stretch higher level students and can be used as a basis for discussion on the possible dangers of playing violent games. Quotes from people within the gaming world can also be used to provoke debate and to get students to express their own opinions on the influence of computer games. Younger students with good imaginations have the chance in the final task to design their own game.

• To practise speaking skills
• To practise question formation
• To develop reading skills
• To learn vocabulary related to computer gaming

Age group: 12- adult

Level: B1 / B2

Time: 60 - 90 minutes

Materials: Computer Gaming student worksheet and lesson plan


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