This activity involves group work and the four main language skills. The students respond to music and write a story.



  • First, choose four different songs of different genres, e.g. rock, pop, country music, etc.
  • Divide the class into small groups and give each group a blank piece of paper.
  • Ask them to draw a cross on it dividing the paper into four equal parts. Tell them to number the parts from 1 to 4.
  • Explain that each student in the group will use one part of the paper.
  • Play the first song and ask student number 1 to draw something on it, either related to how the song makes them feel, or something related to the lyrics.
  • Play the next song and follow the same procedure with the others.
  • After they finish drawing, explain that they now need to make up a story following the sequence of their drawings. Give them time to prepare it then ask each group to present their story to the class, with each student telling their part of the story.

This activity works for all levels. It uses the four main language skills and the grammar aim can be the present simple, present continuous or past simple. Try it out!

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