Poetic introductions / a picture game

One way to introduce vocabulary is having your students write poems.

Martha Valenzuela

It sounds difficult, but you can make one yourself, such as I am a teacher, I work hard, I love my students, and they love me too.

  • Give them the words you want them to use.
  • Perhaps elicit some rhyming words for this vocabulary set.
  • Students may work in pairs or individually.
  • You can display the poems around the room for the students to walk around - in pairs - and give some kind of mark or comment of appreciation.

Another way to introduce vocabulary is to use the words in a card game.

  • Have each student write the word on one card and draw a picture (or stick on a picture cut from a magazine or elsewhere) on another.
  • Put them face down in two lines (one of the word cards and one of the picture cards).
  • Each student picks up one word card and one picture. If they match, they get a point. If not, they put them back.
  • Students will start to remember where the different cards are.
  • You have to have a place where they will not disturb other classes, because it gets noisy!
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