Pause & predict – YouTube technique

This video prediction activity is quite simple and can be used with a variety of YouTube videos. 

Nicola Crowley

This example using a Mr Bean clip is a great introduction to the theme of travel and can help students practise prediction, e.g. I think he'll pack his teddy bear or He's definitely going to forget his suitcase.


  • Open the YouTube clip and make sure it is ready to play.
  • You will need post-it notes for the students' predictions. Alternatively, the students can write their prediction in their notebooks.


  • Tell students that they are going on holiday to the UK. They can only bring a very small suitcase. Ask students to write a list in pairs of essential items they would pack. Get feedback from students on their lists. Write items on the board.
  • Alternatively, you could do a version of I went to the shops, i.e. start by saying I went on holiday and packed an adapter. Then a student continues and repeats what the teacher says and adds another word beginning with 'b', e.g. I went on holiday and I packed an adapter and a blanket. Students continue repeating what was said before and adding an item to pack beginning with the next letter in the alphabet. Do as a whole class or split into two or three groups for larger classes. Write items on the board.
  • Tell students that you are going to play a YouTube clip of Mr Bean packing his suitcase for a holiday. If the students know who Mr Bean is, elicit what items they think he would pack. Students can make some predictions at this point if you'd like, e.g. I think Mr Bean will pack a camera.
  • Play the clip and pause at 03:14.
  • Ask students in pairs to compare the items on their lists or the list on the board to Mr Bean's.
  • Give the students a post-it note per pair. Now ask the students to predict what happens next in the scene. Students discuss in pairs and write their predictions on their post-it note. Ask for whole class feedback and stick predictions on the board or on the walls around the class.
  • Play the rest of the scene. Ask students to read the post-it note predictions and see if anyone predicted correctly.
  • Get whole class feedback and ask the students if there were any post-it note predictions that would have been funnier to see. 


  • Students can act out an alternative ending based on their post-it note predictions.
  • Ask students to imagine where Mr Bean travelled to and what he did there. Students can write a story or a postcard about his trip.

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Submitted by gonzale0 on Wed, 06/01/2011 - 19:30

I think this technique is great. I will use it with my teen class. Thank you for sharing it!

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