This is a lively activity to practise prepositions of place.


Choose an area in the classroom (a corner, the teacher's desk ...) and place there several different objects (pens, erasers, books, etc.) at random and a small box or a bag that represents the basket. Decide with your students how many points they will score if they get the ball (you can make a very simple 'ball' with a screwed-up piece of paper) into the basket - three to five is usually ideal.

You can choose if you prefer to divide the class into teams or make it an individual competition. Students then take turns to throw the ball from a designated point (it should be close enough to the area with the basket that they have a chance, but not too close that it's too easy) and try to get it in the basket. 

If they get it in, they score the points you decided. If they don't succeed, they should make as many sentences as possible to describe where the ball did land, using prepositions of place, for example, It's behind the red pen and It's under the desk, etc. For each correct sentence they score a bonus point - so it can even happen that a student scores more points when the ball doesn't go into the basket.

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