CLIL Art and Design - drawing equipment

At the start of a CLIL art and design course pupils will need to know the English words for the equipment they will be using in class. This activity uses a simple matching task to teach this vocabulary.

Content: Drawing equipment

Language: Drawing equipment vocabulary


Choose which version of the worksheet you want to use depending on the knowledge of your pupils. You may want to use both. Cut up one worksheet for each pair of pupils.


  1. Ask pupils to brainstorm the English words they know for drawing equipment.
  2. Tell them that they are going to learn some important drawing words in English and give them the cut-up worksheets.
  3. Pupils then work in pairs to match the words to the pictures.
  4. When they have finished and you have checked, pupils can play Pelmanism - they turn the cards upside-down, mix them up and turn over two at a time to find a matching pair. If the two cards don't match they turn the cards back over and their partner tries.


Have your pupils record this vocabulary so that they don't forget it. One artistic way to do it is for them to draw a picture of the object using the letters of the word in the picture. Make sure that you use this vocabulary in subsequent lessons to help pupils remember it.

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