Mistakes and ladders

Test your learners' spelling by downloading this fun 'Mistakes and ladders' board game.

Have a bit of board game fun with our spelling mistakes game. A new take on the classic game, 'Snakes and ladders', you can use it as a fun warm-up, filler or cooler activity.

Within the downloadable document, you'll find 200 word and picture cards (8 per A4 sheet) to test your or your students' spelling. They cover a range of themes, including People, Places, Work & Study, House & Home, Food and Drive, so you can use them all or simply choose the words/spellings you want to test. Print out the sheets and cut out the cards you want to use.

If you only have a short time, there's a smaller version of the game board to play on. If you have more time, try the game board with more squares. We've provided you with a dice and counters too. Simply follow the instructions on the attached sheet to make them.


Get to the finish before your opponents, correctly spelling any question words as you progress. 

To download your copy of our 'Mistakes and ladders' board game, just click the link below.


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