Classroom posters - Fairy tales

Everyone loves a good story! Use this poster to introduce the Little Red Riding Hood story to your learners.

You can use fairy tales with learners of all ages. This particular poster is based on the Little Red Riding Hood story from LearnEnglish Kids:

We've also produced a set of teacher's notes to help you get the most out of the poster with your learners. The notes provide a full version of Little Red Riding Hood to help refamiliarise yourself with the story, as well as ways it can be discussed with learners of all ages.

You can tailor your approach to suit younger children and older children. For example, for younger learners you should focus on repeating the story as children enjoy hearing stories repeated again and again. For older children, you can ask them more in-depth questions about their opinion of the story and whether they know it in their own native language.

Our teacher's notes give advice to help you:

  • introduce the story to students

  • read the story and encourage learners to join in

  • discuss the story and ask learners for feedback

The notes also provide inspiration and ideas for follow-up activities after reading the story to your class.

Download the poster and teacher's notes below. You can print off the poster and display it in your classroom or learning environment.


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