This lesson plan for A1 level primary learners aged 7 to 8 years old explores the theme of rain in the African savannah.

This is a series of activities and related worksheets for you to download and use with the storybook Rain. Learners will make an African animal booklet and give a presentation of the story. It forms part of the Promoting diversity through children's literature series, produced by the British Council Teaching Centre in Paris.


7-8 years old



About the story

Rain tells the story of the rain cycle in the African savannah from scorching drought to frenzied rainfall. The story begins as the dry season is ending. Each animal reacts to a sensory perception to predict the change of weather and the coming rainy season. They smell, hear, see, feel and taste the approach of rain. Each animal passes on its prediction of rain in a cumulative text. After the rain comes, they enjoy the benefits it brings. Then the cycle repeats. The story gives a sense of what life is like in the hot, dry African savannah and the effect rain has on the landscape. This is done with minimal text via onomatopoeia and action verbs. The predictive and repetitive text encourages group participation and discussion of weather patterns, seasons and the five senses. Manya Stojic blends big bold type and illustrations painted with bold, thick colourful brush strokes to depict the dry heat and the pleasure of the downpour.

Language areas

  • Colours
  • African animals
  • Weather and seasons
  • The senses
  • Abilities 

Diversity themes

  • Developing awareness and knowledge of differences in climatic cycles throughout the world
  • Developing awareness and knowledge of differences in animals and the environment throughout the world
  • Valuing different abilities within the class

Main outcomes

  • Making an African animal booklet
  • Participating in sensory experiments
  • Producing a flip book to demonstrate seasonal transitions
  • Giving a presentation of the story

Rain, Manya Stojic, David Bennett Books, ISBN 1-85602-413-X

Story notes by Sam Deans

The materials form part of the Promoting diversity through children's literature series, produced by the British Council Teaching Centre in Paris. You can download materials for ten sessions. The materials include:

  • A sequence of activities – a plan for you to follow
  • Worksheets – for you to print and use with your learners
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Hi Vietdaminh,

If you search online for 'Rain, Manya Stojic, David Bennett Books, ISBN 1-85602-413-X' options will come up to order the book. I hope that helps,

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TeachingEnglish team

Submitted by vietdaminh on Fri, 08/07/2020 - 09:05

Please, you can help me to find and read this storybook. Thank you.

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