This lesson raises awareness of collocations and helps children write their own poems.

Jo Bertrand

In this lesson, learners will play a vocabulary game with words associated with Valentine's Day. They will then review language related to Valentine's Day through a simple collocation activity, and read and learn a well-known Valentine's Day poem, noticing the use of countable and uncountable nouns. They will then produce their own poem. There are also several suggestions for follow-up or homework activities.


  • To raise awareness of adjectives and nouns which go together
  • To introduce the idea of using 'is' and 'are' with different (countable and uncountable) nouns
  • To raise awareness of words which rhyme
  • To develop writing skills with a poem

Age group



CEFR level A1/A2


60 minutes


The lesson plan can be downloaded in PDF format below. In addition, you will need:

  • a photo of yourself and a photo of a family member or friend
  • word cards in the shape of half a broken heart – the left halves should have the word for an object and the right halves should have an adjective, and all the cards should form pairs, e.g. 'roses' on one card and 'red' on another, 'sugar' and 'sweet', 'sky' and 'blue', etc. (enough for one card per learner)
  • a box to choose learners' names from and/or to deliver the poems
  • paper for learners to write up their poem on (one per learner)
  • envelopes (one per learner) – either real envelopes, or paper to make an origami envelope, such as:
Lesson plan514.74 KB
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