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Use this lesson plan with your primary learners to consider the importance of safeguarding all kinds of animals.

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The Climate Action in Language Education series

This lesson is part of our series of 'Climate Action in Language Education' teaching materials. There are twelve lesson plans in the series, available for teachers of primary, secondary and adult learners of English. See the full list of lesson plans in this series.

About this lesson plan

This lesson is part of a series of engaging lessons about the climate emergency and biodiversity loss. It explores different topics connected to the crisis. In this lesson, learners will reflect on the importance of all animals, and look at how big, cute animals are over-represented in wildlife conservation efforts. They will read about five more unusual, endangered animals and choose one to replace the giant panda as the symbol of worldwide conservation.

The lesson plan and student materials have been designed to be used in either face-to-face classrooms or remote teaching contexts.

Learning outcomes:

  • Talk about endangered animals, especially lesser-known animals
  • Compare animals using adjectives: cute, big, etc.
  • Read about five endangered animals
  • Select , make and present a new logo for the World Wildlife Fund

Age and level:

Primary learners aged 9–11 years at CEFR level A2 and above 


65 minutes. This could be done in two lessons


The materials can be downloaded below in PDF format.

  • Lesson plan for remote teaching contexts
  • Lesson plan for face-to-face classroom teaching
  • Remote teaching class presentation
  • Student worksheets

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