This lesson helps learners talk about their family and friends.

Sally Trowbridge

In this lesson, children practise language to talk about their family and friends with a song, stories and games. They write and speak about a family member, role-play meeting a friend and make a poster about helping friends.


  • To give learners an opportunity to talk about family and friends
  • To help learners understand the questions 'What's he/she like?' and 'What does he/she like?'
  • To encourage learners to think about how they can help their friends
  • To develop learners' listening, speaking and writing skills 


Primary (7–11 years)


90 minutes approximately

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Submitted by Dilyara Tazabekova on Fri, 05/04/2018 - 05:05

It`s very good lesson plan to use at school, because all steps are clear.I gained a lot of information, methods to use in my teaching.I'm very glad that I found this amazing site. Thanks a lot.

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