Objects around the classroom

Use this lesson with primary learners at CEFR Level A1 to practise saying where things are in the classroom. 

A classroom
Jo Bertrand


Learners will learn or review vocabulary for a variety of classroom objects, as well as prepositions of place, in order to be able to describe where things are in the classroom. They will draw, play games and sing a song to practise the language and structures. There are also several additional suggestions for follow-up activities that can be set as homework or done in following lessons as review.

Alternatives are provided for teachers to deliver this lesson without printing materials. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Use vocabulary related to classroom objects
  • Use a number of prepositions of place
  • Say and respond to the structure: 'It's on the table.'
  • Say and respond to the structure: 'There's a pen on the table.'

Age and level:

5-8, 9-12 (A1)


45-60 minutes


The lesson plan can be downloaded in PDF format below. In addition, you will need:

Lesson plan352.65 KB
Language Level


Submitted by Botir Khakimov on Sat, 11/25/2023 - 01:25

Thank you, Mr.Jo Bertrand for your lesson plan! I have learned it productively! :)

Submitted by Cath McLellan on Sun, 11/26/2023 - 14:58

In reply to by Botir Khakimov

Thanks for the feedback Botir!

TeachingEnglish team

Submitted by Sadyk-Aigerim on Fri, 05/04/2018 - 04:59

Thanks a lot. In the future I will use them. There are very excellent ideas here.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 05/21/2017 - 02:16

Thanks a lot for your contribution! There are excellent ideas to use there!

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