Use this lesson in face-to-face or online teaching to explore life under the sea with your primary learners.

A purple and pink jellyfish in the Indian Ocean
Karen Elliot


In this lesson, learners explore the topic of life under the sea. They listen to descriptions of different sea creatures and guess what the animals are, then they practise the names of animal body parts. They are guided to invent their own sea creature which they describe and present to their classmates. 

Teachers have several options for delivering this lesson. Both online and face-to-face versions are available. Teachers using the face-to-face version can deliver the lesson with no extra resources (apart from paper and optional coloured pencils / crayons) or use slides from a presentation. You can also optionally display / print worksheets for learners. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Listen to short, simple descriptions of sea animals and identify some key information
  • Name some body parts of different sea animals
  • Describe a sea animal using any of: 'It's ...', 'It's got ...', 'It eats ...', 'It can ...'

Age and level:

5-8, 9-12 (A1)


Face-to-face version: Approximately 60 minutes

Online version: Approximately 50-60 minutes + optional 10-minute activity


Materials can be downloaded below.

  • Lesson plan for face-to-face teaching
  • Lesson plan for online teaching
  • Presentation (optional for face-to-face teaching)
  • Worksheet A (for lower-level learners) (optional)
  • Worksheet B (for higher-level learners) (optional)

In addition you will need:

  • Paper
  • Coloured pencils / crayons (optional)
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