Use this lesson with primary learners to discuss the theme of what our planet provides. 

Children pointing at a globe
Karen Elliot


In this lesson, children brainstorm ideas about the things our planet gives us and make their own drawings with text or posters to share their ideas. This lesson could be used to supplement the theme of the environment or on the United Nation's Mother Earth Day, celebrated on 22 April each year. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Use simple science and nature vocabulary
  • Say simple sentences to describe what our planet gives us
  • Use the present simple tense to describe facts
  • Develop ability to brainstorm and express and share ideas

Age and level:

5-8 (A1)


Approximately 50-60 minutes


These materials can be downloaded below in PDF format.

  • Lesson plan 
  • Student worksheet (to display or 1 per group)

In addition, teachers will need a selection from: chart paper, coloured paper, pencils, pens or crayons for colouring, scissors, glue (optional: pictures to collage)

Lesson plan154.53 KB
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