Hooray! It's World Monkey Day!

This lesson for children aged 9-12 provides several activities designed to help them learn more about monkeys.

A monkey and a human hand together
Karen Elliot

In this lesson, children share what they know about monkeys by completing a chart. They choose the size of monkey they want to use and trace it out on cardboard and write some of the information they've collected on it. Afterwards, students colour and cut out their monkeys. They join them together in any combination they wish to make the monkey mobile. This activity can be used as part of World Monkey Day, which is celebrated on 14 December each year.

Learning outcomes

  • Share knowledge about monkeys, using an enquiry-based learning chart
  • Practise talking about some of the characteristics of monkeys
  • Practise drawing, writing and reading using a monkey template provided
  • Gain more knowledge about monkeys and their habitats
  • Make a monkey mobile for the classroom 
  • Practise language for describing (e.g. monkeys have got long tails; they are clever; they can jump and climb; they like fruit), art and craft language (e.g. cut out the monkey; write/draw on the monkey; let's hang the monkey here)

Age/ Level

Primary learners aged 9–12 (CEFR level A1)




  • Lesson plan
  • Presentation
  • Monkey template

. In addition, you will need:

  • Coloured cardboard for the monkeys, scissors and string to hang the first monkeys from the wall or ceiling
  • Optional: coloured pencils, pens or crayons to colour the monkeys
Lesson plan157.96 KB
Presentation746.54 KB

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