This lesson reviews language related to clothes.

Jo Bertrand

First, learners will do a drawing-on-the-back activity to review clothes vocabulary. Then they do a simple drawing dictation to practise using the present continuous with clothes, and play a game to describe what their classmates are wearing. Finally, there are two options for learners to make a poster, as well as ideas for homework and follow-up activities.

Learning outcomes

  • Review clothes vocabulary
  • Use present continuous for descriptions (he's/she's wearing)

Age/ Level

Aged 9-12 (CEFR level A1)


60 minutes


The lesson plan can be downloaded in PDF format below. In addition, you will need:

  • flashcards of clothes (one set per pair), for example:
  • body outlines handout – draw ten small body outlines on a piece of paper and make copies (one per learner)
  • a. A3 white paper for posters (six sheets per group) OR
    b. A3-sized copy of one of the body outlines you drew for the body outlines handout (one per group) and a selection of old clothing catalogues or magazines
  • outline of a T-shirt (one per learner) – optional, for homework
  • old newspapers to cut up – optional, for a follow-up activity
  • tape, coloured pencils/crayons, scissors, glue, string, clothes pegs
Lesson plan349.45 KB
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