In this lesson learners work together to create a class tree display and a guessing game.

coloured paper, glue and scissors
Karen Elliot

Each learner is given a template with a leaf and an apple on it. Learners write on the leaf and draw matching pictures on the apple. After cutting them out, the leaves and apples are displayed randomly on the wall or noticeboard. Learners then try to match each leaf with its corresponding apple. Finally each learner gives a short presentation describing their leaf and apple while learners check their answers.

End the lesson with younger children by listening to the song The leaves on the trees. Older children could watch The story of quinine to learn about one of the ways trees are important in our lives.

Learning outcomes

All learners will

  • Take part in a group bonding activity
  • Practice introductions by talking about things they like (e.g. colours, food, animals and activities)
  • Make a guessing game where learners match the written word to pictures

Some learners will

  • Learn that trees provide food (as well as oxygen, wood and medicine)
  • listen to a tree-themed song or story

Age and level

Aged 5-8 (CEFR A1–A2)


65 minutes. This could be done over 2 lessons


The lesson plan, worksheet and template can be downloaded in PDF format below. In addition, you will need:

Lesson plan167.61 KB
Worksheet176.99 KB
Template1.19 MB
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