Christmas presents and decorations

This fun lesson about Christmas presents and decorations develops the listening and speaking skills of younger primary learners. 

A Christmas decoration of a snowman
Sally Trowbridge


In this lesson, children practise language related to Christmas presents and decorations. First, they practise words for common toys and popular words related to Christmas. Then they listen to a Christmas song or story about Santa and his elves - and Christmas presents! Finally, they develop their motor skills and have fun by making a Christmas decoration for the classroom, or to take home. Thoughout this lesson, children will develop their listening and speaking skills. 

Learning outcomes

  • Say words for common toys
  • Recognise words related to Christmas
  • Listen and understand the gist of a story or song about Santa and Christmas elves
  • Use language related to doing a craft actiivity, e.g. Can I have some scissors, please?

Age and level

5-8 (A1)


Approximately 60 minutes 


Lesson plan can be downloaded below in PDF format. 

In addition, a selection of resources from LearnEnglish Kids are used. Links are provided in the lesson plan. 

Lesson plan270.44 KB
Language Level


Submitted by Jason Jixun M… on Tue, 12/13/2016 - 15:38

Today, I have changed my face picture to be a summarised portfolio showing the experiences of Christmas in different places from UK and China. It's because that after another 11 days, the real Christmas with Santa's riding on a reindeer sleigh for sending gifts to all of us will truly arrive at our earth. No matter you are adult or child, no one want to miss Santa's gifts. I should try to photograph some most beautiful moments of this year. O(∩_∩)O~ Yeah, on Christmas Eve, it's never late to be with your children opening one Christmas online course, and together doing some family-parenting & hands-on craft activities, such as the one mentioned in our course-plan - Christmas Tree-making. As a teacher or a parent, it's also never late to company with your children exploring some interesting questions from our curiosities, such as who the real Santa is, where he were from - the North Pole or other places, and what the relationship is between this old fat grandpa and Jesus Christ's birth. Oh, maybe, these questions will never get some clear answers, but the true happiness, during this procedure, would be motivated out, which will give us childish eyes to appreciate culture & custom's beauties and our own life moments with the joyfulness . (I can remember: on my Christmas stock of the year before last year, it was Written: Hi, Santa, in the past whole year, Jason has behaved very good, please don't forget his gift..., Then, I attended my face picture there ... O(∩_∩)O~. I can also remember: last year, after traveling all around the Christmas Markets of Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow etc., finally, I can get two Christmas gifts - a wool hat sent from my peer's girl friend in Ecuador and a iron Santa from my mother. Maybe, in someone's eyes, they were worth of nothing. In my eyes, they are the most expensive ones having accumulated my perfect impressions of Christmas and stored deeply in my heart. ) Indeed, alongside the spreading of celebrating Christmas, some local elements have also been put in, which have enriched its globally expressive ways. Some were from the consciousness; while, some were from the unconsciousness. For example, on Christmas Eve, some cities of China would sell apples with beautiful ornaments and some young generations would buy them. It is because Christmas Eve, after being translated to Chinese language, is '平安夜' - 'Peaceful Night'. In pronunciation, the first one of these characteristics is similar with the first one in apple '蘋果' - 'Ping‘. Then, local young people thought eating apple on Christmas Eve would bring the peace back and make people of wisdom. Following it, some custom-researchers even found some evidences revealing a possibility that even in The Garden of Eden, the shape of Snake Fruit - the one of wisdom which snake attract woman to eat - is like apple's... You knew, then, apple became a popular food on Christmas Eve in China. This case, I applied, is just to say common beliefs and celebratory steps can vary according to some local conditions which commons could seek and think of. If this custom is heard with the best wishes for future, it can be put into the big family of Christmas Gifts. Generalising these impressions to some purified words from the bottom of my heart, I would like to say: Around one year, thanks for all dedicated and charitable hard-workings from our teachers, teacher educators, learners and researchers! In my eyes, it's just because so many people like us can continuously contribute our energies and time working for our young generations. Worlds have already been bettered than before and future will be opened with fresh hopes. Let us pray for a very merry Christmas and a happy new year - 2017!

Submitted by Soledaita1 on Wed, 11/23/2016 - 10:27

Wonderful materials to use in my class. Thank you very much for helping us every day.

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