TeachingEnglish has lots of different lesson plans for teachers who are teaching English around the world to children aged 5-12. To help you find suitable lesson plans, we have three levels on our site. These lesson plans for level 1 are most suitable for children who can understand and use some words and short phrases, and can follow simple stories, songs and texts. Teachers can use the levels as a guide. For example, if they start to find level 1 lessons too easy, you can try more level 2 lessons. However, all children learn differently, so try lessons from different levels at any time, especially if it is a topic they enjoy.

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A teacher on a rock in a shallow river explaining something to his primary students

A green classroom

Use this lesson plan with your primary learners to explore ways of making the classroom more environmentally friendly.

A young girl is reading a book with an older woman

My grandfriend

Use this lesson to explore the theme of friends from an older generation in face-to-face classrooms or online teaching with your primary students.

children studying in a futuristic environment

Future learning

Use this lesson in face-to-face, online or hybrid teaching to explore the future of learning.

chocolate cake

Food I like/don't like

Use this lesson in face-to-face or online teaching to focus on food vocabulary and speaking about likes and dislikes.

Schoolchildren are eating a healthy lunch

My healthy lunch

Use this lesson about food and healthy eating with younger primary learners. 

Children standing in front of a map of the world

Invent a country

Use this creative lesson to develop planning, teamworking and presentation skills among primary learners of CEFR Level A1+. 

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