Pass the ball

This game practises adjectives. You need a ball, or alternatively a screwed up piece of paper will work fine.

Jo Budden


  • Students and you stand or sit in a circle.
  • Pass the ball to the person next to you in the circle and pretend the ball is really heavy by miming.
  • Tell the person next to you that it's really, really heavy.
  • They continue passing the ball around the circle making out it's heavy.
  • Tell students to think of a new adjective each. The ball is going to take on different characteristics as it goes around the circle.
  • When you say ‘the ball is changing' the student who has the ball must pass it to the next student using their adjective instead, and so it goes on until everyone has had a chance to change the ball's form.
  • It could be hot, cold, light, alive, smelly etc! At the end ask students the adjectives they remember and get them to mime them for the others to guess.
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