Lucky number 6

This is a quick simple game that reviews question forms and can be used as a warmer or a filler at the end of the lesson with all students aged 7 – 11.


  • Chop up the letters from the worksheet and put them in an envelope.
  • Have enough dice for one per pair of students in the class.


  • Elicit the question words (which the students know) and put write them on the board e.g. what, where, when, how, who, which, whose?
  • Put students in pairs and give each pair a dice. Elicit from students the numbers on a dice (1 - 6). Ask students which is the best/luckiest number (answer: 6). Tell students to take turns throwing the dice and when they throw a six, put up their hands and shout your name. (At this stage depending on the age of the student you may want to check they can do this.)
  • Show the students your bag, or envelope. Get them to guess what is inside. Show/tell students that in your bag/envelope you have many letters. These are the prize.
  • Explain that students have to throw a six, put up their hands, shout your name and this time, ask you a question. Refer them to the question words on the board if necessary. If the question is grammatically correct/interesting etc you give them a letter from your bag. Also answer the question (e.g. student asks ‘What’s your favourite colour?' Teacher says ‘Pink’ and hands students a letter.)
  • Continue the game for five minutes (or as long as necessary) handing out letters for correct questions. Extra letters can be handed out for more fantastic questions.
  • At the end of the game, pairs will have a pile of letters. Tell them to spell as many words as possible using those letters or for higher levels try to get them to spell the longest word. The pair with the most words or the longest word is the winner.
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