TeachingEnglish has lots of different activities for teachers who are teaching English around the world to children aged 5-12. To help you find suitable activities, we have three levels on our site. These activities for level 1 are most suitable for children who can understand and use some words and short phrases, and can follow simple stories, songs and texts. Teachers can use the levels as a guide. For example, if they start to find level 1 activities too easy, you can try more level 2 activities. However, all children learn differently, so try activities from different levels at any time, especially if it is a topic they enjoy.

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Creepy crawlies

This can be done over a series of lessons as part of an ongoing project, dedicating each lesson to a different insect, or otherwise as one lesson. Children love squeamish subjects so you may find that they want you to extend what you originally planned to do.

Farm animals

Children love units connected with animals and farm animals can provide lots of fun opportunities to practise sounds and phonics.

Christmas games

These are some games which we associate with parties and Christmas celebrations in UK schools. They can be adapted for language learners of all ages and levels. 


This is a great game for those logical-mathematical thinkers.


This tip is about Christmas and how to integrate it into your lessons. There is also a winter project that includes Christmas as just one of its many aspects.


This lesson has some fun activities and language learning tasks based around the theme of Halloween. The activities include singing songs and making Halloween decorations.

At the beach

This collection of short activities focuses on the topic of the beach.

Fruit and vegetables

Food is a popular topic in any primary course and has a lot of potential for cross-curricular work.

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