This lesson plan for teachers of teenagers and adults at CEFR Level B1 / B2 explores the theme of Wales. Learners will develop their knowledge of Wales, as well as practising their vocabulary and listening skills.

Whitesands beach and Carn Llidi, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Nik Peachey


In this lesson, learners hear a man being interviewed about his life in Wales. First, learners share what they already know about Wales, then identify true/ false sentences about the country. Activities support them in listening to an interview that may be challenging for some. They practise taking notes while listening, then have the option to develop intensive listening skills. Finally, they write true / false sentences about their own or another country. Follow-up activities are suggested for learners who are interested in the topic. 

A student worksheet accompanies this lesson. However, teachers can use a presentation for a no-printing option. 

Learning outcomes

  • Give some facts about Wales and other countries
  • Take notes while listening to an interview
  • May develop intensive listening skills (identifying individual words in sentences)

Age and level

13-17, Adults (B1 / B2)


Approximately 60 minutes 


The following materials are available to download below. 

  • Lesson plan
  • Presentation
  • Student worksheet
  • Audio: Full interview
  • (Optional) Audio: Clips 1-5

In addition, maps / images showing Wales and the area around Swansea may be useful. 

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