This lesson plan for teachers of teenagers and adults at intermediate level and above explores the theme of the England. Students will build their knowledge of England and develop their reading skills.


This lesson gives students the opportunity to find out more about England. It is one of a collection of four Destination UK lesson plans that look at the four countries that make up the UK. They will have the chance to read about England and find out a little about its people, culture and icons.

Note this is an old plan, so the webpage it links to is no longer available. You can print out the texts from the worksheets below though.




Intermediate and above


60-90 mins


  • To develop all four communications skills
  • To revise language of describing places



Lesson plan: guide for teacher on procedure including worksheet tasks and answers to tasks.

Download lesson plan 145k pdf

Worksheets: exercises which can be printed out for use in class. The worksheet contains:

  • Six tasks based around England and English culture

Download worksheets 82k pdf

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Jo Budden, Teacher, Materials Writer, British Council, Spain

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