Shopping and different shops

Use this lesson in online or face-to-face teaching with secondary or adult learners at CEFR A1 level to explore the theme of everyday shopping. 

An empty shopping mall
Sarah Burn


This lesson reviews vocabulary relating to everyday shopping and introduces different shop names. Students practise speaking and listening using these items in a meaningful context. They then write short sentences about different shops.

There are versions available for both face-to-face and online teaching. A presentation accompanies the online lesson. Teachers in face-to-face lessons can choose to use a student worksheet or the presentation for a no-printing option. 

Learning outcomes

  • Use words for different shops in both speaking and writing
  • Practise asking for common items in shops
  • Write simple sentences about what can be bought at different shops

Age and level

13-17, Adults (A1)


60-70 minutes


Materials are available in PDF format below.

  • Lesson plan for face-to-face teaching
  • Lesson plan for online teaching
  • Presentation
  • Student worksheet
Language Level


Submitted by Gitagh on Thu, 03/28/2024 - 23:58

Thank you so very much. I plan to use this in my class of new immigrants from a variety of countries!!!

Submitted by JulianaM on Thu, 07/20/2023 - 10:56

It's an amazing lesson which might be pleasant and enjoyable for students in any way. I plenty adored and thankful for it.

Submitted by chiaravel on Thu, 01/26/2023 - 10:42

This lesson in absolutely perfect for my class

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