Divide the class in two teams. Give each team a set of slips with five (or three or two, depending on their level) things they have to name.

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  • Name five things that move
  • Name five drinks
  • Name five things you would be doing if you weren't here
  • Name five ways to get rich
  • Name five animals

A member of the team reads the category of things they have to name and the whole team shouts the words.

While team A is doing this, team B have to remain in silence. Then it's team B's turn.

Time each team. The faster team is the winner.

Category game

This activity can be used as a review. Students usually get very excited.

The teacher chooses a category (animals, colors, school objects, kitchen gadgets...) and each student has to say a word that belongs to that category.

If a student doesn't know, he / she stands up. Then, the teacher chooses another category the following student starts again. In the following round, the student who's standing will have another chance. If he / she can say a word that belongs to the new category, he / she can sit down.

It's a great game for revision and to get students tuned into the lesson topic. It may also be used to elicit from the student what they already know about a certain topic.

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Submitted by Gulshan Huseynli on Tue, 05/10/2011 - 14:49

There are lots of "Category" games. These games are really helpful for revision. We can also use this game  for revision of some grammar patterns. We can ask our students call out verbs, nouns, adjectives and so on. I did a bit different one. As in your game you choose category or your students do that. They can sit in a circle or just know their turn. The first person who begins claps his or her hands one time then puts them on his/her  laps and then claps it again. He says the word when he claps his/ her hands second time. Others also do the same action. The person who is late or repeats the word is out of the game.  You can use it wit university students too. It is kind of difficult because you should pay attention to the claps . 

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