This activity can be used for all levels in teaching English as a second language. I use it mainly for intermediate students and they find it interesting.

Bravoh Linosi


The teacher uses a vocabulary box. This box must mainly comprise of words on pieces of paper (either verbs, adjectives, adverbs etc.) all said by the learners themselves in previous lessons. Importantly a lot of words are required for this activity.


  • The box with all the words is circulated around the class. Each learner is given a chance to pick a word from which he / she will have to construct a short and grammatical sentence.
  • Each sentence said is written on the board just as the speaker said it. After 12 to 20 sentences the sentences are analysed to see if they are grammatically correct with the emphasis placed mainly on the word from the vocabulary box.
  • Correction of the sentences can then be done and learners, again depending on time available, prompted to produce the correct sentences with the same word from the box.

It really gets learners talking while at the same time identifying their mistakes.

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