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In this section, you will find a number of blog posts, which have been written to help you develop your skills and knowledge as a teacher in the professional practice 'Taking responsibility for professional development'. From newly-qualified teachers to those with many years of experience, the blog posts you will find here are practical, insightful and full of ideas to support your ongoing professional development.

28 Sep 2015

Teachers often get asked how is it that they decided to be teachers, and I am no exception.

02 Dec 2014

Well, let's start saying that teaching is not the easiest job in the world.

28 Nov 2014

I am the Director of Studies at International House Sevastopol, and one of my responsibilities is to plan the programme of Continuing...

27 Nov 2014

What exactly is action research?

19 Apr 2014

It must be difficult for new teachers starting out.

26 Feb 2014

When I started writing this post I was thinking about the English language teachers who have influenced my life both professionally and...

11 Feb 2014

I have been very lucky to have met a lot of influential teachers in my life, and it’s impossible for me to choose just one.

11 Feb 2014

Question: Can you think of a teacher who has had an impact on you?

02 Feb 2014

Every so often, running along the streets of my town, I hear that unmistakable beautiful voice, that inimitable intonation.

07 Feb 2011

A PLN starts at home.