Why choose this course?: 

If you teach primary students, our Understanding Thinking Skills for Primary self-study training module will help you make better use of the classroom time.

You will learn how to adapt material and activities to help your learners develop their higher-level thinking skills.

Using video, listening activities, reading and interactive exercises, you will get a clearer idea of how children learn and how you can use different task types to help them with their learning.

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Start dates: 
Available from 1 November 2018
3 hours self-study
Professional Practices: 
Promoting 21st Century Skills, Understanding learners
Who it's for: 

English teachers and langauge assistants working in all contexts with primary-aged children

Understanding Thinking Skills for Primary is a three-hour self-study training module, which is divided into three one-hour units. 

By the end of Unit 1, you should be able to explain the meanings of 'concept' and 'cognitive skill'. You will be encouraged to look at how you use your coursebook and, in particular, how the coursebook you use supports your learners' development. Through a series of tasks, you will start to understand the work of Jean Piaget, his work on developmental psychology and how this influences what you do in your classrooms.

By the end of Unit 2, you shoud have a clearer understanding of how you support your learners in developing cognitively and learning effectively. You will be able to identify common concepts and cognitive skills, such as describing, comparing, creating and evaluating, and focus on activities that help to develop higher order thinking skills.

By the end of Unit 3, you should be able to recognise the links between concepts and cognitive skills, and different activity types found in primary resources and coursebooks. You will also have opportunities to relate concepts and cognitive skills to your own primary classroom practice.

Buy this module in November at half-price - £6 instead of £12

Level of English required: 
Minimum CEF level B1
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