Why choose this course?: 

Create the best learning environment for your classroom. Take this module and enjoy a renewed motivational atmosphere for you and your learners.

Using video, listening activities, reading and interactive exercises, you will get a clearer idea of how to create stimulating and motivating lessons to help your learners develop their skills.

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Start dates: 
Available from 1 January 2019
3 hours self-study
Professional Practices: 
Understanding learners, Managing the lesson, Planning lessons and courses
Who it's for: 

English teachers and langauge assistants working in all classroom contexts 

Understanding Motivation in the classroom is a three-hour self-study training module, which is divided into three one-hour units. 

The aim of this module is to enable you to create a motivational classroom environment. It covers classroom strategies to create a motivational atmosphere and the role of feedback in motivation.

By the end of Unit 1, you'll be able to recognise the qualities of a motivational teacher and the benefits of having motivated learners in the classroom.

By the end of Unit 2, you'll be able to evaluate how to create a motivational classroom environment and identify strategies to improve motivation in the classroom.

By the end of Unit 3, you'll be able to assess the significance of collecting feedback from learners and create a motivational atmosphere for the lessons or activities you currently use.

Buy this module in January 2019 at half-price - £6 instead of £12

Level of English required: 
Minimum CEF level B1
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