Why choose this course?: 

Improve the performance of your learners and see how a focus on reading skills helps your learners come on in leaps and bounds.

Start dates: 
Available half-price in April 2019
3 hours self-study
Professional Practices: 
Planning lessons and courses, Managing the lesson, Understanding learners
Who it's for: 

Teacher and teaching assistants working in English language teaching with all age groups.

About this module

Engaging with reading - skills development is a three-hour self-study training module, which is divided into three one-hour units. 

The aim of this module is to identify effective strategies that will help you develop reading skills in your learners. 

  • The module examines beliefs about reading and why learners read.
  • It clarifies features of text and the key concepts of reading.
  • It highlights and analyses concerns about the development of reading skills, to help you feel more confident about teaching reading.


By the end of unit 1, you'll have examined a range of beliefs about reading, be able to understand why learners read, and be able to identify strategies for developing reading skills.

By the end of unit 2, you'll be able to understand some of the key concepts in developing reading skills and challenge some of the myths and misconceptions about teaching reading. You'll also be able to give advice on common problems in teaching reading, such as where to find authentic texts.

By the end of unit 3, you’ll be able to analyse different stages of a reading lesson and apply ideas from the lesson to your own teaching.


For participants who successfully complete all tasks and achieve a score of 70% or above in the online exercises, there will be a downloadable certificate of completion at the end of each module.

Buy this module in April 2019 at half-price - £6 instead of £12

Level of English required: 
Minimum CEF level B1
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