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If you want to become a better writing skills teacher, this three-hour self-study module will give you a range of tried and tested activities you can use to make your writing lessons truly effective.

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Available half-price in March 2019
3 hours self-study
Professional Practices: 
Planning lessons and courses, Managing the lesson, Understanding learners
Who it's for: 

Teachers and teaching assistants working in English language teaching with all age groups

About this training module

Engaging with writing - preparing activities is a three-hour self-study training module, which is divided into three one-hour units.

The aim of this module is to analyse what makes writing activities effective and to give practice in preparing effective writing activities. The module identifies sub-skills that lead to good writing, and you will evaluate whether activities focus on accuracy of language or communication of meaning.

This module helps you select appropriate methodology and resources for introducing and practising specific areas of the target language and language skills, including writing.

By the end of unit 1, you'll be able to identify sub-skills that lead to good writing and categorise writing activities that focus on accuracy of language and communication of meaning.

By the end of unit 2, you'll be able to recognise the value of bringing attention to context, audience and purpose when writing.

By the end of unit 3, you'll be able to plan effective writing activities for use in the classroom.


For participants who successfully complete all tasks and achieve a score of 70% or above in the online exercises, there will be a downloadable certificate of completion at the end of each module.

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