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Resources for Taking responsibility for professional development

4 April, 2017
British Council Teaching for Success is the British Council’s approach to teacher development in state education systems.
10 February, 2017
Much has been written about Teacher Action Research. 
28 July, 2016
Sinead Laffan shares some simple development activities which teachers can undertake in their own practice.
11 December, 2015
The British Council’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Framework for teacher educators is a guide to the professional development of all those involved in the education and training of...
1 March, 2011
Is our evaluation of teachers any better than our evaluation of learners? Of course, the first thing to say is that no teacher would ever agree to be evaluated in the same way as they evaluate their...
30 October, 2018
Research is defined in the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary as a careful study of a subject, especially in order to discover new facts or information about it.
20 September, 2018
This book contains stories from the Champion Teachers Peru programme, showcasing and celebrating ten English language teachers' efforts to deepen their understanding and improve their practice via...
27 April, 2018
This non-academic research book demonstrates ten teacher educators' professional reflective journeys through action research.
6 October, 2017
This paper provides a comprehensive overview of the range and type of Master’s courses in English language teaching (ELT) currently offered in the UK.
15 March, 2017
In this article, Simon Borg and Jon Parnham write about the benefits of mentoring schemes in the context of a large-scale teacher development project in India.
27 February, 2017
This article by David Petrie looks at three simple steps involved in action research.
10 February, 2017
Much has been written about Teacher Action Research.  
20 December, 2016
This publication is a compilation of a selection of presentations made at the fifth international Teacher Educator Conference held in Hyderabad, India from 27 February to 1 March 2015.
5 December, 2016
On 14 December 2016, Tim Phillips gave a presentation on discovering how we find our way through professional development.
2 August, 2016
How can we become champions for change in challenging teaching contexts?
18 March, 2016
This book provides nine easily accessible examples of exploratory action research projects and highlights the achievements gained in spite of teachers' difficult working conditions.
9 November, 2015
The British Council's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Framework for teachers is for teachers of all subjects. It enables you to understand and plan your own professional development.
2 March, 2015
Edited by George Pickering and Professor Paul GunashekarThis volume is a compilation of some select presentations made at the fourth International Teacher Educator Conference on the theme 'Innovation...
25 February, 2015
Edited by Simon BorgThis collection is drawn from papers and presentations at the Ideals and Realities: Continuing Professional Development for Preparatory Year Instructors conference in Hacettepe...
15 September, 2014
Edited by David HayesWith thirteen stimulating papers covering a wide range of geographical areas and educational contexts, this publication will interest anyone involved in the continuing...
18 August, 2014
Barbara Skinner and Helen HouHow do university supervisors and host teachers evaluate the teaching practice performance of non-native English language teacher trainees? This paper explores this...
23 June, 2014
Simon Borg, Marilisa Birello, Isabel Civera and Theresa ZanattaWhat impact does pre-service English language teacher education have on trainees’ beliefs? This paper explores this question through an...
11 November, 2013
Martin Wedell and Martin Lamb This paper investigates the nature of inspiring English language teaching, reporting on observations of English language classes in China and Indonesia.
4 October, 2013
‘Our teacher is always stressed. All he does is shout, shout, shout. He needs to calm down, stop taking it out on us’I often hear this comment from children who are having problems with school....